A handsome guy or a nice guy?

Would you prefer a handsome guy who is quiet or a regular (ugly) guy who is very friendly and social? I tend to go out with one of my friends and it seems he gets very well with girls. I suppose I am better looking than him but I am a quiet man and have a strong presence so people usually don't approach me and when I do I feel they get intimidated. When girls start flirting I usually think is because of him.


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  • The one who make me laugh and emotional wins!


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  • I would rather have the handsome quiet guy, however I would probably flirt with the nice guy because I would feel less intimidated by him and if he was friendly he's easier to engage. But I love the quiet guys. I just feel like if they are quiet then they aren't interested in my so I feel like I would be an annoyance haha

  • Handsome and nice guy


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