He's not as into our messaging, help?

We were seeing each other at uni but have gone home (to different places) so our non-relationship is kind of long distance
We message everyday but he's seeming less interested & won't text until later, he takes longer between texts & I'm afraid I'm getting boring
I have been visiting him but the next time i'll get to visit is over a week away, the longest we have been between visits

How do I stop him getting bored & keep him interested?
I don't want to lose him...


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  • I'm not sure him losing interest in texting means you are losing him. I'll then say if texting is the basis of your relationship you need to do more than that. It sounds like you still see him from time to time so I wouldn't focus so much on the texting and focus more on what you will do when you see each other. I for one cannot stand texting as a means of holding a conversation. I can see why your guy might not be as responsive over time and it really doesn't have anything to do with you or the content of the texts.


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