Can you be with him too much in one day?

Ok here's my Q-

So I've had an on off relationship with my mate/ conworker (we're really close). He kissed me for the first time since May, on Monday - he pulled me back as he kissed me goodbye and said "that was a surprise, wasn't it". It was. And I agreed- it was a great surprise, but those weren't the words that came out.

I've been getting shy around him bc well it's him and u know.. And today we spent the morning working together and I didn't kiss him goodbye or hug him, I literally pranced out of the car out of nerves. Thi arvo I worked with him again and I so wanted to badly kiss him and hug him but I couldn't bc him mum was with us! And I felt that I couldn't text him because a) I'd already asked him for something via text today and b) I'm being really annoying. This morning he showed a lot of interest but this arvo was Minimal - maybe due to my accidental farewell earlier in the day :( :(

I wanna show him it was a great surprise and I want a relationship with him. Do I ask him out, can I text him tonight- what? X


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  • The guy kissed you. I am pretty sure he'll still like you if you text him twice in a day lol
    Next time you see him, hug him and be the one who initiate the kiss. He showed you he likes you, now it's your turn 😊

    • Yea I know hah. It sounds silly but he tells me about other friends (girls) whom texts him trying to get him hahah and he shows me (bc its me!) whom are irritating and I guess I'm just wary of my actions bc I don't wanna be that girl. what do I say next- it has to be something awesome! I can't wait a week haha.

  • You need to at least let him know that you are interested in him and you do like him. Otherwise, he may be getting confused with the mixed signals.


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