How would you guys/girls approach/react to this situation?

I'm studying a level 2(GCSE Level) course and i'm 19.
Since the beginning of September I noticed a girl in a different course (Level 3) which is the next level up in the same course. We take different classes and rarely see each other I don't think she's actually noticed me yet. But I've noticed her since day one. And then kind of didn't crush on her since but have seen her and still thought she was attractive and cute. At first it was just a thing that I noticed her, I thought she looked nice in her outfit (which was just jeans, sneakers, and a hoodie) But she pulled it off and it really got my attention, I like when girls wear things like that. She's a short girl and I did see her smile that day and a few times since. We don't see each other much except a few times a week in the hall waiting on class (with 30 odd classmates surrounding us in their own groups) So I'm always extra happy when the time comes I get to see her smile or just look into her eyes whislt walking past to my classroom. Even if it is just for 10-20 seconds. It's my favourite time.

She just is one of those girls you'd love to be your girlfriend. I don't know anything about her so I don't want to jump the gun, but from how she looks and dresses and carries herself and when she's talking to people she just seems really nice and sweet.
I don't wanna crush on her just for her looks though. Cos' I'm pretty sure she's got much mroe to offer than that.

So anyway back to the question.
That's just a bit of backround.

So guys, If you were in my situation with all the details I've given you, how would you approach this?
And girls
If you were her, hypothetically (I know everybody is different in these circumstances)
But if you were her and some random guy you haven't noticed before was going to talk to you and become a friend at first to get to know them and test the waters, how would you like them to approach you? go in detail if you wish, as you can see I like details XD

P. s I don't know her age, or name. I tried looking her up on the schools site but had no luck.
She could be around 17-18 or 19. I'm worried she's younger cos I don't want to approach her if she's 16, that would be weird AF. Though she looks at least 17-18.


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