Lose interest in every girl after awhile :( I am confused, sad and terrified to be bluntly honest. Thoughts?

I started liking this girl 10 months ago. We started spending a lot of time together and I do believe she liked me too, after like 2 months I decided that she wasn't right for me and it was not time for me to be in a relationship either. I stopped spending time with her and that was that. 2.5 months ago I met another girl. We were friends with exactly the same people and again we hit it off. We are at the point that we commute together and tell each other that we missed each other and what not. And today suddenly after a lot of doubting and second guessing the feelings seem to be gone. My perspective now is like someone who hasn't been in love for while. It seems completely silly and unnecessary, I sort of get grossed out looking back at chat histories. Now I am not sure how I would rather want things to be. And I am sort of pissed at myself because nothing makes sense.
What scares me is the fact that I might loose something that at least used be so great for me.


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  • You haven't met the right one


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