I told my crush I like him!!! What now?

Ok I told my crush I like him. I've been keeping this a secret since freshman year. I just turned 16 Monday, an I decided I was going to take more control over my life. So I decided to not let him slip away an never know what could have been. So I told him an he cracked a smile. He told me he had no clue an that I had to much pride to tell him. He made a few jokes about him being so handsome but told me he was kidding. Then he told me when he has his phone he'll ask for my number an call me. The only thing I didn't get from him was an answer. I didn't get a yes or a no I'm guessing it's not a know because he's going to call me. but I'm not sure. I really like him an I'm soo relieved to tell him now the balls in his court.
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  • He likes you but when, someone tells you are his or her crush! It's hard to decide, and such a question is never on top priority, he must be busy with his stuff or something important and had that on mind and will think about you and him later. I will say don't be pushy, he will come around.


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  • Well done! It wouldn't of been easy haha.
    I say just wait, it all depends on him.


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  • Firstly, I admire you for your courage to speak up what you felt. Good job. If you're from the same place, you'll see each other more often. Everything now depends on how he behaves with you.


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