Is this going anywhere, will things finally turn out?

He's a senior, I am a sophomore. It's not a big deal (our age difference I mean) I dated a guy for 6 months and it was the same age diff anyways...

We don't see each other a ton at school; only every other day but we hangout every weekend. we're not dating nor have we told each other that we like each other but we have made out and kissed when we hangout. I swear I've never been this happy with a guy before and he makes me want to be a better person.

I've never actually met a guy who I could have an intelligent deep conversation with and be a silly person with, and then I met him!

Aside from his brilliance before I ever got to know him I always heard bad rumors about him playing younger girls for their V cards. One of my friends knows his ex who is in my grade and yes, he took her virginity.. apparently he is supposed to be a jerk and doesn't care but not once since I've met him has he seemed like that...

He is so amazing to me and always makes me smile. He says I do the same for him but why hasn't he asked me out yet?

Is he just trying to see where things go or is he just playing?


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  • See's like it could be something more