Why are girls paying a lot more attention to me now that I have a girlfriend?

I've never been the most successful guy when it comes to getting girls. I mostly stay to myself and don't met many new girls. In the last few months, though, I met a girl and we've become a couple. She's very attractive, almost more attractive that I think I deserve. She reassures me all the time that I'm much more handsome than I think I am, and she chides me for selling myself short too much.

What I've noticed is that girls are paying tons more attention to me now. I know girls get impressed by the halo effect of a guy who's with a hot girl, but I'm wondering if it means that maybe I have more of a chance with girls than I believed I did in the past.


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  • Most people experience this whether male or female. It's because once you are taken you have a certain confidence about you (you don't try so hard and come across as more relaxed) and people also want what they can't have most of the time.

    • So do these girls think I'm otherwise unattractive, but are interested in me *solely* because I'm with my gf?

    • No I don't think so. I'm sure they still find you attractive but sometimes it takes more attraction to make someone stand out.

  • Some girls want things they can't have, unfortunately they treat it like a challenge to see if they can win you over your girlfriend.


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