Girls, What to do a about a girl who is insecure and distant?

So here we go. I have been seeing this girl for 3 months now. We met online and we had a connection right away. It was great. It took us a few weeks to finally meet up but when we did man was it worth it. It confirmed everyrhing even more. Now this is not like me. I could honestly say it was the best first date I've ever had. Call it love or lust but I just found myself falling for this girl hard. And over the next few weeks she seemed to be doing the exactly same. Telling friends and family about me wanting me to meet them. But I'd still feel confused a lot of the time. She goes hot and cold. Shell say she misses me or text me during the day saying she's thinking about me. But then she picks and choses what she responds to when I say anything to her. I'm usually a go with the flow kind of guy but she kept leaving me confused and fustrated. I know the last thing anyone should do is ever act on emotion. Well I did and I know I went about it the wrong way. And even though it was more than apparent that something didn't seem right. Instead of asking if everything was ok or just letting it go and seeing what happened. I opened my mouth and said that " I don't know what's going on but until we talk and figure some things out i dont think we should talk or see each other" bad move. That ruined the whole weekend that we were going to spend together and we haven't hung out in 3 weeks. It kind of pissed me off that she totally shut down and took it the wrong way like it made her made and she kinda just said whatever. So I didn't talk to her for a few days. When she finally texted me she said it was weird not talking everyday but has made no attempt to see me. I just want to resolve it and move on. But if I ask her her anything she disappears.
She also has a benefit this weekend that is for her. And originally I was invited but we haven't talked about it. I was thinking of still showing up and bringing her flowers and still making a donation but not sticking around. Is that a good idea? Wanting to make an effort to show I care and I'm there for her. there will be friends and family there. Some of whom I've met. We've talked a little but haven't hung out in 3 weeks


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  • Time to move on. Nothing but confusion is going to happen here


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