How can I help my boyfriend with his paranoia?

Me and my boyfriend have been friends for years and a few months ago got into a relationship!

Recently i was late on my period which happens from time to time which i told him! but he got paranoid and started asking questions like "do you know when your coming on your period?" "do you feel like your due on?" and i get it in his pervious relationship she did get pregnant but suffered a miscarriage and understandable they had a hard time moving past this!

It took me a whole week to get him to open up to me and to tell me he was overthinking and didn't want us making same mistake, which i get! But i want to be able help him get past this paranoia i don't this effecting out relationship in the future, i just don't know were to start!


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  • Tell him to get a vasectomy and then he will stop worrying

    • Were both young and at some point in the future want to have kids just not yet.

    • Oh okay. Hmm all I can think of is just telling him that it'll be okay. Are you guys using birth control? If you are and are doin it the right way just remind him it'll help or tell him if you got pregnant you can just get an abortion if he's that scared and it's affecting things

    • Always use protection and i have tried reassuring he just makes it difficult

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