What's your take on different backgrounds?

I'm starting to date an amazing man. A man of faith like me, an amazing father, responsible, hard working, wants to include my kids in everything as well, etc etc. You get the idea. I'm going to tell my family about him now that we decided we are serious. The only thing I want to ask is if anyone has suggestions on how to tell your family, he's of a different ethnicity. I have no problem and I know my mom won't, but not sure how to broach the topic in a respectful way to those who might object. I've never dated anyone that was not Caucasian before. Thanks for any help.


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  • It depends on the ethnicity, I look at the statistics and judge on that basis.


    • This is disgusting

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    • But I am sorry that I threw up my opinion all over yours, I just hate generalizations. ; )

    • Don't worry about it d00d! haha

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  • I've been there. You're just going to have to put it out there, and they either accept him for the wonderful man that you say he is, or the won't because of the color that he is, which is their own problem. With my family, the people who I thought might have a problem with it, it didn't bother at all (or at least they kept it to themselves and were respectful of him). Good luck with everything = )


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  • I think they are cool! I like how people are all the same but grow up with different faces and beliefe!


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