My girlfriend is much bigger than me. She wears the pants. Should I accept my status?

Most of the time she is very nice and kind (protective). But she also likes to show her power over me. Just the other day she had me try on her panties only to see them fall to the ground. Then she said, "that is just a little reminder as to who wears the pants in this relationship." I love her to death, but I feel like she may be taking advantage of my daintiness. I won't be working out because I don't like getting sore. And I don't want to get bigger. Should I just accept my status in this relationship?
No reason to be mean. Please be a little more gentle next time please.


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  • I feel like this could potentially turn into mentally abusive. If you're happy very well then.. if you're not think of changes that you can make, you can just not want to work out because of the fact you'd get sore, you get sore from anything whether it's you helping someone out by lifting their bags for them or even sex..

    • I don't really feel abused. She has never hit me or hurt me. I just sometimes feel less of a man because of my small size. She giggles in a nice way at my feeble attempts. She can't even sit on my lap.

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  • I don't really see how her panties falling off of you proves anything other than that she has very large panties

    if you don't like the status of the submissive in the relationship then you shouldn't accept it. she should respect you and your desires and if your desire isn't to be marginalized then you absolutely 100% should not accept that position

    • It is kind of complicated. She does give me moments where I feel of some worth. And I do have a submissive personality that I have accepted. It is just when I see all these big guys in the movies and in society being the protector knowing it is a situation that I would never be able to succeed in.

    • you don't have to be a big heaving dude or even a dominate personality to be a "protector". I'm not a dominate personality but I make it very clear in my actions to my wife that I am always looking out for her

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  • If you want to but if you don't than leave.

    • She does many good things like come to my defense when I am being teased. I love that about her.

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    • Then what was point of the question!!!

    • I guess maybe on how to deal with the situation so that it is good for both parties. I know she loves my small size. She has told me so. She feels safe knowing that I can't physically or verbally harm her. It is just sometimes she can cross the line with her authority. I don't mind some of the stuff as it makes her happy. But some of the things she does in public can be a little embarrassing. Maybe I am just looking for a happy medium, but am afraid to make certain demands.

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  • How about accept the fact your trolling

  • Also, buy a whip, gag, a ball and a rack swing. She will know what to do with them...


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