Is she gonna text me back?

There was this girl i've been casually meeting and flirting with (i thougth thhey were dates, but there was not a clear agreement on it). So, over text, i told her i wanted to become more than her "friend". She didn't respond at all at first, then i insisted that she said something. She said she didn't like talking this sutff over text, she didn't know i felt that way and sees me as a friend to ask what's up and to consult about stuff and that she doesn't know what more to say. After this, i said text was no appropriate either, we can meet if she'd like, but i see it as she didn't have anything more to say. She hasn't responded to this and this was a week ago. Now, should i expect to hear from her ever, or is it simply over? she has a busy period with school these couple of weeks, is there any way you see that she'll text after her busy schedule is over?


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  • You came on way too strong, she's probably feeling a little forced.

    • Yeah, most probably. I just wanted know at that instant what she thougth, but i guess i shouldn't have pushed it.

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