The infamous "Kiss Emoji" What does it mean?

Sooo as dumb as this question sounds and looks. I can never get a good feel for what the Kissy Emoji is trying to say... 😘 ... In this instance me and this girl have known each other since elementary haha. We just recently started becoming closer when we were both seniors in high school. Now freshman in college... Id like to say we are dating. But I honestly have to say we are still just friends. We've gone out previously. Her asking me out and me asking her out. But she's pretty shy... And likes to play games. so I get mixed signals... And a lot of confusion occurs haha. She will sometimes use the emoji out of know here. When she's apreaciated something I said or whatever. Not just saying Goodnight and use it like that... She will say things like "Aww you are so sweet thank you 😘" Not even when I compliment her... Just if I text her and check up on her if she's ill... Or anything like that. I don't get them all the time but what do u guys think?


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  • I need to hear the answer to this

    • What do you mean haha?

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