Did I make a mistake by sending him that message?

The guy I've been confused about I sent him a message saying that I don't know where I stand and if he was interested he would have asked me out properly on a date. We've been getting on so well the last two weeks and I thought it was going to happen but them I found out he was going on holiday so safe to say it pissed me off.

I've been upset for most of the day feeling like I've spent weeks wasting my time. I told him that I need a break from all social media and to be alone and told him to enjoy his holiday. So was it wrong of me to send this message?


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  • Are you ok with people who don't play by your rules?

    • His been stringing me along because he doesn't know what he wants its nothing to do with him playing by my rules. Its called not acting like a d*ck that u should let someone know where they stand.

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    • I know its not a good sign he already told me to be patient but I found that more of a smack in the face. He does have his own business and two kids so I know that he is busy but all I'm asking for us a bit of his time. I just can't chase after him anymore its draining me :)

    • sounds like you made your decision already

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