How to ''do'' relationships?

I'm not talking about casual hook ups, but a real relationshio. How does one find someone, act in a relationshio, etc?
It seems like you have to be extremely happy to be in a good and healthy relationship these days... lol


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  • If you find him, the person you should be with for the long haul, it will feel natural.
    I have dated a bunch of guys, but with neither of them was it so easy to chat with than with my boyfriend, even for the first time. I felt that there is a deeper connection, we are similar in so many ways.

    If you are in a relationship, you should communicate a lot. Talk about your feelings, hear him out, find the balance which works for both of you.

    If you both want to be in a relationship with each other, have similar goals for the future, like marriage, or just living together, or if you both want to be casual, thats fine too, but.. you know, in this, you should both want the same level of commitment.

    Trust and love gradually form throughout the relationship, but this is very unique for everyone :)


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