I never had a boyfriend?

I know... classic question... I am 19 and never had a boyfriend. It's not that guys don't like me, I am not attracted to the ones that do and if I like someone he doesn't feel the same way or it doesn't work out at all, even if there are feelings somehing always goes wrong... It sucks, everyone talks about love and I don't know how it feels, boy even close. It hurts so much, like my heart always gets ripped out of my chest... Every time even more violently, I feel like I am suffocating... I feel nothing, just nothing... No hope, no dreams, plain nothingness


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  • Maybe you have too high standards.

    • Nope, not at all. All I am looking for in a guy is to be nice and us to have chemistry

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    • It doesn't have anything to do with their appearance. I'm just not romantically attracted, you can't like everyone

    • There's a difference between not liking everyone, and not liking anyone who likes you.

      Anyway if you aren't attracted to them, then you shouldn't force yourself. But you can't really complain about the guys you like not feeling the same way, since you dont feel the same way about guys who like you.

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  • I never did either!!! Girl snap out of this! Just cus you haven't meet him yet doesn't mean its over... there are ladies on here in there 40s who are thankful for there life! People who married the wrong person tend to be the people that moan ohh... i will never get a bf!!! HAHa look who talking right? yes i am guilty of it but I am a different case senario. You need to start doing things you love and some where and some how you will meet someone that like what you are into.


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