Dating for a couple weeks, prospective, please?

Alright so I have been on a few dates with a women (7 dates) met her family, she has met my daughter. We have been intimate, she has fallen asleep twice laying in my arms on her couch (she suffers from insomnia, when I left without saying good bye, she was hurt playful, (but didn't want to wake her)

I have told her, I like her and she told me she feels the same. Though she has just come out of a 10 year marriage and has told me her walls are high, she doesn't let many people in.

We text daily (not like an absurd amount, but we speak daily)

Couple things I wonder (more toward the ladies)

1- I asked her to a pro-football game, and she wants to pay for her ticket, why? (I haven't asked but seemed weird )

2- We are not exclusive, and i dare say she might need time before it even comes close to that. She has her online dating sites still active, Once we talked i had stopped on mine, i know everyone is diffrent, but shed some light if you could.



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  • I've never been to a pro football game so not sure how much a ticket would cost. anyways by 7 dates and having been intimate I personally would expect some level of exclusivity by this point. . I wouldn't still be on dating sites looking to meet someone new if I was already this serious with someone. it would personally just seem weird to be still looking for another girl if I was this involved with one already


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