Is this too much too soon?

So I was at this club last weekend, and at the very end ended up kissing this guy. We talked for a bit, exchanged numbers etc, and right after I left the club he started messaging me. The morning after he messaged me saying good morning and we proceeded to speak. He asked to see me and I agreed. So on Tuesday we went to the cinema etc, and he went on to tell me he had told all his friends about me and how they all said for him to hang on to me. Right away I was just thinking to myself "uum it hasn't even been a full 3 days that we met". The next day he started speaking to me again and I had mentioned that maybe I would move abroad at the end of next year and he was like "it already makes me sad being apart from you when we live near eachother, It would be so much more painful if you lived in another country". Then he went on to say he had showed a picture of me to his parents and that they wanted to meet me? I'll admit I do have commitment issues but isn't this too much? Or is it just me? It's seriously scaring me haha


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  • It sounds like he's trying to play you, telling you how much he 'cares' about you and how much he 'love' you. Chances are his parents don't know who you are and he's been telling his friends how badly he wants to get in your pants. Loose him, asap!


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