Girls, Tell tale signs she's into you?

I've been talking to this girl for about 3 weeks. We've seen one another casually a couple of times at school. Anyway, this week she invited me over to spend the night. She had invited me over before but seemed nervous about it. She told me that nothing would happen that she wouldn't have sex with me tonight.

We went to bed and later I put my hand on her side. Eventually I put my arm around her and she seemed to pull me closer and grab onto my hand. She even seem to gesture my hand toward her chest and I had my hand on her chest for a little bit. This was in the middle of the night.

Were planning on seeing a movie this weekend. I was texting her and asking if I should shave or not (I have short facial hair). She said she likes the rugged look and I said it makes me seem older and she replied with "Ha it just looks hot."

im doubting she would say these things and do these things if she were not into me. I'm also not sure how to proceed. I wanna sleep over again and make our way to sex. I'm trying to balance being too aggressive while also trying to not be too passive


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  • I think she's dropping mad hints


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