I have multiple questions about dating. Help?

I started talking to this guy about 2 weeks ago and we hit it off really well. He voiced that he was a virgin and planned to stay that way until marriage. I told him that I had absolutely no problem with that. We kept talking like we were long lost friends and then all of a sudden he doesn't talk to me anymore. I'll maybe get a text at night, but I honestly feel that he's only texting then because he's bored. I just don't know if I should drop it and just let him go or keep trying. I don't want to a girl on the hook.


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  • I don't believe him about staying a virgin if he even is one. That's mostly a ploy guys use to make a woman think that isn't all he wants

    • His from a super religious family so I didn't question it that much. He flirts when he's given the opportunity but not in an inappropriate way.

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    • Thank you so much for commentimg back to me!

    • No prob

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  • if he has always been texting you first, maybe he is wanting you to text him first

    • I have tried and he still hasn't texted back. He will send me snaps on snapchat, but for a few days I've gotten nothing else.

  • can't stand religion being used like this... and i'm sorry.


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