Did he ghost or is he mad?

I've been dating this guy long distance for 6 months. I went to see him twice. We texted everyday and talked on the phone on the weekends. My last trip to see him was 3 wks ago. He seemed a little distant during the trip. After I got back home we texted normally everyday. One night I went to a party where we have mutual friends. One friend asked me how my trip was and I said that I'm not sure if he's that into me. This somehow got around to him. The next day we texted as normal in the afternoon. He told me he was planning a trip to see me and gave me the dates. Later that night he texts me and asked if I was at home thinking how he's not that into me. I texted him back asking why he said that and got no response. I texted him the next day asking if he's ignoring me. Then the day after that told him that I have no idea what happened and why he's not responding to me. It now has been a week and a half since I heard from him. What do I do? Wait it out or accept the fact he went ghost on me?


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  • He seems like the wrong kind of guy to have a long distance relationship with.
    It's really weird that he suddenly stopped talking to you, and what a really weird last text. You should try texting him again. If he doesn't respond, you should break up with him. Just tell him it's over, and if that still doesn't get a response, then you know it was the right call.

    During high school I was in a lot of long-distance, never face to face, relationships. There was one guy in particular that I really, really liked (actually there was more than 1, but they were so long ago that I don't really remember much about them), and he just vanished. I never heard from him again. It was really difficult for me, since I had genuine feelings for him. I'll admit that I sent quit a few desperate emails/texts/instant messages. But then I got a hold of myself and realized that I was worth more than a guy that isn't going to be there, and I got over it and moved forward.

    I met my current significant other online via okcupid. We were long distant for 2 months before I moved in with him and uprooted my life (only a 3 hour drive from my family, so it's not like I had to cross states or anything). I haven't regretted it even once. So sometimes long distance really does work, but if you're looking long-term you won't be able to have a relationship with someone that you can never live with or have a family with (if that's what you want). You should try to look for someone that's closer to home and more willing to relocate if it comes to that!

  • I'd wait it out and not try to irritate him. He might be a little upset though... but it probably would have been a little better if you had explained to him why you felt that way :-/


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