Is he interested?

Right now I have 2 classes in my university with this one guy. We've only spoken a few times but they've been just short like a question. Lately, I've been catching him looking at me through my periferal vision (So I think), and whenever I do look at him we meet eyes. One time I was walking and spotted him from far down, he spotted me also, but when we finally passed he looked to the ground ( He's done this a few times ) It also seems as if he changes his postion so he can see me ( If that makes any sense lol ). For instance, I'll be standing somewhere far away, so he'll move closer towards me, or if I sit somewhere he'll pick another seat but facing me. I'm sorry that this is really long by the way! I just need to hear what other people think.. Thanks!


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  • It's possible, but to know if he is truly interested is if he approaches you eventually and strikes up a conversation with you and asks you out or for your number.
    If you are interested in him, when you meet eyes give him a little smile and see how he reacts.


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