Should I talk to her about it?

I am dating this amazing girl, it's long distance but only 2 hours away. She goes to college, sophomore. We see each other every weekend. She has guy friends that she walks with but it's been almost whole semester still haven't met them. It's alright tho I trust her. I get jealous and she isn't the type of girl. But next semester she is taking theater... so I am guessing she is gonna be dancing and acting with guys, I am not gonna make her change the classes. But I don't think I can deal with her being in another guys arm, dancing and stuff. I admit I am jealous, but I still keep it cool. But that just thinking about it is too far. I love her so much, I don't want to break up with this girl. I eventually plan on marrying her. So how should I talk to her about it? How should I brin it up? What should I say? Thank you!


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  • Just tell her


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  • i don't think you should tell her
    you will sound insecure and girls don't like that


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