Is this normal? He genuinely likes me. Or should I be suspicious cause it seems too fast?

I am doing online dating for about 2 years or so (match to be exact). Interesting men I interacted with. I was going to give up on the whole dating thing for a bit; but a total hottie emailed me. He is everything a lady would ask for. A true gentleman! We are on our 3rd date within the week! He Already wanted me to meet his bestie and bestie girlfriend; but I decline cause it seem too fast. He Already talks of seeing me do future activities/travel (Even at his place... but totally went around that). Even ask me about Facebook; but I said I deactivated it. Should I be suspicious or take this as good feelings he enjoys my company? Guys your advice is important! I don't want to jump to conclusions... thanks


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  • If it were me I'd be cautious it signals emotional instability.

    • This was what I worried of. I had 3 guys pour everything (traumatic and/or unsuccessful dating experiences) and even were upset with me cause I didn't continue on. He hasn't got to that extreme. It's been fun and light conversations so far. Hmm..

    • The only other thing I can think of is that maybe he is new to dating.

      I haven't had too many bad dates but all of the ones that could possibly fit in that category where stage 4 clingers. They all assumed I was their girlfriend after one to two dates. 😒

    • Thank you! It's helpful. This online dating thing gets to me cause I've come across even my brother's guy friend who have family on these sites. It should be fun, but so far my experiences aren't as great to be honest:/

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  • Maybe he is genuinely excited, and is just being sincere. Nothing to be suspicious of in my mind.

  • Yeah I think he genually likes you


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  • Men chase beauty while women chase money. So he might like someone doesn't mean that he will be into you. Beauty is changing and cheating and claimed also. So you can't really trust men after all. They follow this beauty that beauty and whatever

    • Wow... what are you talking about, lady?

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    • Thanks for your insightful comments. I'm sure there are good people out there in this world. And yes I am alone; thanks for reminding me. I am not a desperate person to settle down. I do have standards in which every girl does. Also I am 4'11" and not your average looking model... so there is hope.

    • Truth will set you free so I dig the truth. Everywhere there are questions like "what men want?" Well they want sex Monet and wife? It's not that easy if you are in a relationship. It's just a theory. But read what they say.. They want 1. Money 2. Beauty 3. Fun, all guys are hypocrites

  • Be suspicious. Before you know it, he'll be spending the night every night of the week, using up all of your resources, and if you suggest giving each other breathing space, he'll be wondering what changed all of a sudden and start accusing you of talking to someone else online behind his back.

    • He is financially stable and so am I. He Paid for everything on the first date. Then I paid for part of the second though I wanted to pay full. So we do see each other as equals. i wait it out and see what's up. thanks for your advice:)

    • I don't necessarily mean financial resources. I mostly mean your time and energy. Anyway, hopefully it works out, good luck.

    • Thanks for the clarification. This dating thing is complicated and it shouldn't be right?

  • I think you should take it slow if you want! Judge a man by his action not his words!


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