Difficult scenario, looking for any sort of direction. Care to help show me the way?

Over the past two weeks I have gotten myself even deeper into a confusing and difficult scenario.

Background: Been friends with this girl and her best friend in a group with others for about 3 months, and a month in I got feelings for this girl. Didn't know what to do so I just tried to ignore it, that didn't work whatsoever. Later I found out her best friend had strong feelings for me, which is when I knew this was going to get bad.

Fastforward to a couple weeks ago: I finally told her how I feel, and she mentioned that bringing surpassing a friendship would definitely be a possibility. The issue is she said she could never hurt her friend like that. About four days later she told me she just wants to stay friends to keep the group together. Agitated, I asked whether this would have gone differently if her friend didn't have feelings for me, she said yes and explained herself. None of this changed her answer though.

Now: I was attempting to get over it but sadly can't change the way I feel. When I got a message from one of my friends in the group, telling me she has feelings for me still. She apparently told him that her feelings are getting progressively stronger for me. He showed me the messages for evidence, since I didn't believe him. As far as she knows, I haven't seen those messages. But we haven't talked about it since the previous discussion we had. So I am very confused at what to do, I don't want to lose her as a friend, but I really like this girl. It worries me why she isn't being open with me, full knowing of my feelings for her.

So what I'm asking is what do I do? Straight up bring it up, or just relax and enjoy my time with her until she brings it up to me?
Any help is appreciated, thanks for the read 😊

Sidenote:At this point I doubt her best friend still has feelings for me, but that is just my


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  • Don't date within the same group. Too much drama


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  • sorry for laughing but haha.. bro.. ur screwed... you are in a situation a lot of guys have been in lol. you like one who likes you but her bff likes you more. here's a tip from my experience... stick to the one you like, especially if she does seem to like you back a little.
    you don't believe me... flip the scenario, and it will all be clear.


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  • You have enough friends. The fact is she friend zoned you; in order for you to feel better, you need to move on and just ghost her. When you are no longer around her, maybe she'll realize what she lost. If she doesn't really care, then you weren't that important anyway.


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