Do you think people move on too fast?

I find people now have a tendency to just find someone else, rather than fix what is wrong in their current relationship. This is not to say this is wrong in some circumstances (such as if the partner is abusive or a cheater), but I find with technological advances (like dating websites and social media) people find it way easier to find a new partner. This enables them to simply abandon their current fractured relationship in hopes of finding another relationship. Opinions?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I agree. I really think it comes down to "The grass is always greener". People find it so easy now a days to just log on and make a dating profile and 'move on' while still in a relationship. It's really sad.

    This actually happened to me with my ex. I was seeing him for just over a year, he was 31 years old. He told me he wanted to live with me, said that I should move closer to him. So I did. I thought we were getting more serious.

    Then as soon as I moved down to be with him, he stopped making time for me. He became distant and when I asked him if everything was okay, he said it was.

    My friend found him on a dating site and showed me his page. She messaged him and he told her he had broken up with a girl in February (when we were together!) and that the girl did not like to travel and was not exciting enough. I kept bugging him to travel with me! But he always made up some excuse like having no money or being too busy or whatever.

    I was devastated. I moved and everything for him and then he did that?

    And it's not like I was a bad girlfriend. I did so much for him. I paid for meals for us, always brought him his favourite food when I would go to see him, would always ask him how his day was, took an interest in his hobbies, always told him I loved him, gave him back massages, everything!

    I never once raised my voice or yelled at him ever. And I was never difficult.

    I feel like he thought he could find a 'better' girl online so he went and did that. It makes me really sad that I was so easily replaceable. I have no idea how many girls he is or was seeing when we were together. But I have moved on thankfully and am in a better place.

    Still single, but I would rather be single than with someone who lies.

    I think far too many people think there is something better out there so they move on, even before officially breaking things off with their partner. It's really sad that society has become this way.


Most Helpful Guy

  • yes it depends on certain circumstances, but whenever a couple passes through a rocky phase in the relationship they are giving up so easily. and yes there are exceptions.
    but most couples, married or not are just going the easy way and ruining their families and people's lives around them just not to deal with the issues out of selfishness or even a certain advice from certain ignorant entourage.


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  • I agree. It does make it easier for people (if they choose to of course) to move on so quickly. But sometimes moving on quickly is considered a good thing (maybe at times a bad thing aswell), but some people like to just get out of the relationship when things go down hill and sour. They just give up easily, that's all I see.


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