Guys, My ex whatever we were and I got into a fight and he blocked me on IG and when I asked if I could have a pair of socks I left at his place?

he told me to delete his number.
A little backstory i known this guy josh over a year we had been sleeping together and i really liked him. One night my girlfriend and i invited him and a friend to go out with us which they did Josh's friend greg liked my girlfriend and he asked her for her number that night and told me he liked her. So the next day my girlfriend told me she wasn't interested in greg and he wasn't her type; he reached out a few times i told her b/c i really like and respect Josh and Greg both don't lead him on or play games so she ignored him. Several days later I'm on the phone with my girlfriend and she tells me that Josh has requested to follow her on IG she felt it was fucked up of him to do that and not tell me and she was weirded out b/c Josh met her once and didn't know her at all. She also said she didn't like josh he was annoying to her so why would she want to add him especially since she didn't add greg whom was the one who was interessted in her. I agreed and i text him asking wtf was going on and why didn't he mention it to me at all that thats something you don't do b/c it seemed like he was trying to kick it to her what else would anyone think from that? And he's been dealing with me for months i felt it was a shady move, we aren't in a serious relationship where it would make sense for him to want to be friendly with my gf's. He responded in anger and told me he is sick of me and I'm negative and think the worst of him. Then days later he blocks me on IG and that night i asked if i could come grab these socks i left at his place he got mad about that saying I'm a chid and then told me to lose his number... i really care about him and i would like to at least remain friends but it seems like that might not ever be possible now and I don't know what i did wrong here...
Also was he trying to kick it to my girlfriend in your opinion? Or was it possibly just innocent? To me it made no sense b/c his boy was into her and she dissed him AND he's been sleeping with me for months so why wouldn't he know that it's not cool for him to go around me to have contact with any of my gf's. In all the time I've known him i never tried to follow his boys bc to me that would be weird and come across like I'm trying to be shady.


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  • Coming from a guys' perspective, I can understand Josh's frustration. Maybe I just don't understand your point-of-view, but it sounds very restrictive/controlling that you're lordng over who Josh can and cannot be friend on IG. If I were Josh, I'd be frustrated too. Is he not allowed to have female friends? Some of my best non-romantic friends are female. If my girlfriend told me i couldn't hang out with them, I'd probably end it with her too. If anything, I'd be thrilled if my SO wanted to be friends with my friends. Unless of course, you don't trust your friends, in which case you might want to reevaluate your social life.

    In the end, it's an issue of trust: the foundation of any relationship (both romantic or non-romantic). If trust cannot be shared over social media, then I doubt it can be shared in real life.

  • It's just socks, buy a new pair


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