Why do girls test you and what are the signs a girl is testing you?

It seems like girls are always tesing guys, why do girls do it, what are some tests girls put guys through, and how do we pass?

Usually I just carry on like on normal, kind of playing the indifference game till the girl decides to have an honest open communication about things. What alternatives are there?


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  • Life tests you. You should always act as if everything is a test, or rather you should act no differently when you are taking a test than when you are not.

    • True, so maintain the same attitude as always? What would you say about my comments that I told the previous anon user?

    • By 'approaching with indifference' do you mean putting on a mask or were you actually indifferent. I don't think you should take counter-measures, that just leads to a spiral of game-playing. Better to just call her out if you are tire of it. Just say, "is this some kind of game or are you really like this? Because I'm not something to play with."

    • Well I am not playing games with her, I know that leads to more games. When she delays her responses by huge amounts I still reply when I first get the chance, unless she's start doing it repeatedly in which case I start becoming less interested in the conversation and simply don't answer all the questions or stay as engaged - I feel like this is a fair way to behave, and it's not really game playing, if someone is being uninteresting well then by default you'll be uninterested in keeping the conversation going with them.

      In the past I used to call girls out, but then they say you're just being jealous/controlling/or they play dumb to the whole thing, so sense then I don't say something unless that unless we're in a relationship as opposed to just dating.

  • Some will ask you questions about exes or make up hypothetical situations and ask you how you would respond. Some will ignore you to see how serious you are.

    • Okay so it's to see how you respond? What is the best way to respond? Like I said I usually act no differently than normal and then carry on, or if it continues for too long I'll simply cool off/back away for a bit and then approach again at a later point to let them know I am not going to just put up with someone who is going to make me jump through hoops.

      Currently dealing with a person trying to make me jealous and I did a combination of the two, backed away and approached later with indifference, not sure if that's the best way to do it though

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    • @sjoes006 she openly flirts with me and will initiate dates, tell me she likes me, etc. but then tell me about a guy another guy she's "dating" but almost like he's an inconvenience or chore, then ask when when are we seeing each other, etc.

    • Opinion owner, does it usually work? I mean I have no idea how this works lol

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