family is wrecking my love life?

i have been sneaking around with this guy lately
im 16 and he is 17, i have known him since i was 10, he is great friends with my older brother although my family hate him!!
i have met his whole family and a lot of his friends, we are together whenever we can be, my brother always covers for me so i can go see him!! we're extremely good together and have support from him family and friends & my brother and friends.
the only problem is my parents have no idea i am even speaking to him, let alone spending time with him! i have been hiding him for months from them! whenever i finally work up the courage to ask them about him, or their opinion they completly shut me down!! its awful

the other day it got to much and he ended it, which i understand why! but then he always comes back and its so hard because its completly messing with my emotions!!


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  • Just tell everybody the truth. Tell your parents that it's your life and they can't controll your emotions or who you love/like. Explain how you feel to this guy and I am certain he will come around. If he won't he is not worth your time.


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