How to know that the guy is a douche bag on tinder?

Guys help me. I need your advice and insights about tinder. Should I loose hope to find a nice guy on tinder? Or is there any dating apps that you can recommend me to find a mature and decent guy. Thank you in advance!


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  • From what I've heard tinder is mostly people that are looking for casual sex. I would try one like match. com or okcupid

    • Ok thank you so much. So i think I should delete my tinder account now. :)

    • I recommend trying those top sites out for a bit. They can be challenging to find love on too but I bet they are a more efficient use of your effort. You're welcome. I hope you find a great guy :)

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  • Seriously? MOST guys on tinder are douche bags. Tinder isn't a place you go for serious relationships, it's for hooking up.

    If you want to find a mature and decent guy, try a REAL dating website (you usually have to pay) like eHarmony... OR, start joining lots of local events/activites/volunteer so you can meet lots of people.


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  • Easy, he's on tinder. 😐


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