How can I get over my guy friend?

so, i have this guy friend I've gotten close to and i thought he may have been interested in me, and i even crashed at his house last weekend and he slept on the floor while i took his bed, nothing happened at all and i know he has hooked up with many girls. When we first started talking it was a little bit flirty and he would always invite me to join him to study and stuff, but now its so platonic and casual. we have a lot in common and have a similar sense of humor. we spend a lot of time together, but Yesterday, I found out that he is interested in another girl which completely shocked me because I had no idea. They're definitely not exclusive, but it's still very unexpected..

Anyway, he's the closest guy friend I've had and I feel so comfortable around him. I don't want to keep going on liking him though, but of'course I want to stay his friend.


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  • It's a state-of-mind to get over someone you like and remain friends. I'm friends with a girl i used to like and I feel i got this way because i chose to change my mindset.

    I sort of evolved my feelings for her into a more brotherly/sisterly relationship. Conscious friendzoning in otherwords. If you really care for someone, then your only concern for them should be their happiness, even if they get it from someone else. (I. e. if you see this girl makes your guyfriend happy, then you should be happy for him).

    It's not easy to do, but it's a realization you have to make for yourself.

  • Thank you for another example. Please gag girls, tell me more about how guys and girls can be ''just friends'' without falling for each other.


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