Why do some men like to ignore their girlfriends & take for granted of what they have & look for elsewhere by liking girls pics & having tinder?


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  • Some guys like to have their cake and eat it too.

    • so it seems that way... why is that... aren't they happy with what they have... How can such a woman please a man who is like this... I followed u :)

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    • To me i thought its bc he lacks the experience n i dont think he realizes what he is doing or he thinks its ok... He didn't even tell me the hopital he's at... Wen i asked to visit no response.. N i was shocked to my hospital question pple r saying give him his space... Wow!!!

    • I would drop him unless he shapes ip

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  • The ones who do so are not worthy of your time and effort.


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  • because they are stupid and they don't see what they have into we are gone.


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