Girl texting/snapchat/talking on phone consistently?

Girl texting/snapchat/talking on phone consistently?

Talking to this girl who I see frequently through out the week. We text/snapchat/talk on the phone consistently. Now I noticed sexual tension is building up now. She sent me a snap chat of her wearing her bra/underwear only. What do YOU think that means? Is she "down" etc?

Let me know what you think
Now I gave her Nutella for the first time. She then posted on Facebook/Instagram about it and tagged me in it saying thank you (my name)
I also gave her a copy cd of one of her favourite artists.
Then I kissed her on the lips.
She said we would hang out this past Saturday but then when I asked her to go to dinner she said that she is going to dinner with her parents. So I just left it.

What do you think? Let me know


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  • Ya there's some sexual tension but that doesn't exactly mean she wants you to "put your pancake flipper in her punaenae".
    My nicknames are so weird, tell me about it.
    Anyways, you could sext her back if you like, just please, don't send a dick pick, just be shirtless and in boxers or some shit if you want to send "nudes" back when it gets serious, sigh, do what you wish.


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  • Either she is into you, or she thinks you are gay and is asking for your opinion on her undergarments. I pray for your sake that it isn't the latter.


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  • I think she could be into you.


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