Why does it usually work better if you kissed someone , rather then telling them you LIKE them?

Some times you know if you just told them you liked them , it would not have worked as well, as if you just kissed them...



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  • Saying that creates an awkward feeling in the air even if it's mutual. Kissing shows stronger emotion and liking someone, is also said:i like you but not in that way, 'like' can be taken different ways. Kissing someone is strong indication of emotion that words cannot really describe. Besides for the most part, when you say 'I like you' that tension until someone replies back is nerve killing and kills the mood, a kiss cannot really be repelled and often used when one party knows how the other is feeling about him/her but they do not want to be mood killer, a moment killer. Hope this helps.

    • When you say a kiss can not be repelled what do you mean? Do you mean once you are already kissing or when you go for it, cause I think a kiss has been known to be rejected - Not by me or to me but I've heard... BUt yah, your answer is helpful.. Tho if it's easier to shp how yo feel by kissinthen does that mean it is automatically assumed that some o reall likes you if they kss you o revese... Funny, it sactually easier for me to say let's have sex, then cani kiss you.. ?

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    • When someone says 'I like you' it really leaves everything up in the air and open for discussion. EX:"Why do you like me?" "What do you like?" All this can take away from the emotion and breaks it down which is frustrating. Kissing gets right down to the emotion, the feeling one has for another

    • Yup. Got it. I agree it really kind of zones in& fires... Happen...

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  • Strangers kissing = Possible FWB (no strings attatched) = No drama

    Strangers with interest = Possible Girlfriend (Possible nagging = Drama.

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    • Tat's what I was thinking.. Well sans 'nagging' but if you kiss some one it would lead to sex much swifter then saying 'i lke you'... With kissing you already have your body in theres.. I actually find it more dificult to kiss some one then to say lets have sex.. I guess there is not much bragging for a guy with his friends.. 'Yah I really laid one on her" as apposed to " yah I really l got laid".... Subtle difference :)

      -I guess a kiss is more indicitive of feelings -without sex that is

  • i.e

    man tells girl(who doesn't quite know what to think of man) that he likes her.

    things can get awkward, girl doesn't kno what to say back

    Man is with a girl(they are out in a club or bar, or sat on a park bench after a walk> etc.) Man then kisses girl. she didn't know quite what to make of him befor, but for some reason, this kiss has sparked a chemistry between them both and she is now interested, every one wins.

    doesnt always work like this, but my girlfriend always says you can tell a lot from a kiss.

    • What if the kiss gives the false sense of 'like' because there is attraction but they don't like each other.. I mean can you trick some on into feeling like they like you by kissing them?

      & For your scenario.. Does the thing work if a girl kisses a guy?

    • Maybe you could if the person you wanted to trick was emotionaly compromised by something else, was feeling unsecure but I doubt a trick like that would last as if you trick them sooner or later they are gonna realise they don't actually care much for a relationship like that with u.

      and yeah the scenario could work the other way, it doesn't matter which way around you put the boy and girl, the scenario won't always be correct, but from what experience I have I would say its pretty accurate.

    • Gotcha! Thanks.

  • you can feel the love in a kiss more easily than in words. also (at least for me) randomness is nice, saying you like me would be good and all, but randomly kissing me would be better because I like randomness. and also kissing someone often leaves them wanting more.

    • Yah.. I agree. Ha, ha. The way you described that reminded me of the last time I just randomly asked a guy if I could kiss him- I think it was better then any kiss I have ever had- probably cause I did not know it myself- it just came out of my mouth, we were both surprised, & he surprised me by kissing me - technically he kissed me, but I asked if I could kiss him..... So it was a nice division of labor. :-)

      I think too if you kiss someon there is a higher likelihood you will -

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    • Well if you don't feel good about using the kiss tactic, then don't use it... I would deff apreciate it much more if a girl came up to me and kissed me than if she just said "i like u" and I personally wouldn't try to get her to do stuff just because she kissed me... I like taking it slow lol rushing leads to short relationships

    • Oh.No, I meant the sort of cynical thing that it work better cause people want to screw.. I absolutely prefer having to use as few words possible when expressing how I feel because it's a feeling.. I think a feeling should be expressed as such - one time I was kissing this guy & he kept stopping to analyze the situation lol.

      Me too I like to go slow- to make sure it's real.

  • Actions are more powerful than words.


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  • it's cause guys think with their d***s sometimes

    • So kiss equals sex, & 'i like you' just means feelings/ Kind of thing?

      Do you think guys actually think with thee di**s, or is it an excuse?

    • It really all depends on the guy. You know you have the player, the sensitive guy, etc.