Could he possibly be into me?

Okay this one may be lengthy. I feel that this guy likes me but I'm not sure. He texts me everyday and sometimes he even calls me cute/adorable. I call him cute too :3 and yesterday in class he kept teasing me and then at one point I went to put my head on the desk and he was telling me to listen to him that he has something important to say. But he wouldn't tell me until I looked at him. He said that too. And there was this moment where he had this cheeky grin on his face and he looked deep into my eyes, and my eyes met his and we just kept looking at each other. It felt like time stopped. Then I got butterflies so I looked away after like 2 seconds. There have also been many other signs, can you guys please help me clear this up? I can't tell if he's just flirting with me or if he could actually be into me


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  • He could be into u. Sounds like u like him so just flirt with him more and see where it goes.


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  • Sounds like he likes you!!! Are you wanting to have sex with him? Lol

    • Noooo no sex for me I am way too young for that haha. I just want to date him I like him a lot :3

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    • No I've never done anything like that. Sadly I have never dated anybody before so i haven't even held hands or had a first kiss yet ;-;

    • It's ok. Take your time

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