Guys, should I message first in this situation or hold out for him?

2 and a half weeks ago my friends friend added me on Facebook and said that my picture popped up in his news feed and he just had to add me. We had been talking massive essays on Facebook for about a week and a half which we took in turns to initiate. He had said once talk to you tomorrow sweet dreams xxx but then didn't message so a few days later I messaged him and then I was at the beach in my own on Sunday and he decided to come and visit me. We went for a walk and chatted and then he asked if I wanted to do dinner so we did that. Then after I left he said text me when you get home so I know your safe so I did and then we talked and he said he had a really good time then said sweet dreams talk to you tomorrow. He didn't text me so on Tuesday I text him and the conversation follow through to Wednesday and we saw each other Wednesday night. He text me when I got home saying "did you get home okay?" We talked a bit then went to bed
neither of us have messaged each other yet but have tagged each other in a couple things on fb
Should I text him or wait it out?


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  • text him if you want to continue communicating. Playing games on who talked last is counterproductive and silly.


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