Guys, What qualities and stuff do look for in a girlfriend?

What do guys general in a long term girlfriend?

What qualities turn you off about some women?

Sorry just really kinda curious. 😳


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  • Physically, I am open to all girls, White, Asian, etc.

    Personality wise, I like girls who are a balance. A bit nerdy, yet athetic and feminine. They should be kind, open minded, smart, and social.

    basically, nerdy girls who can be social and athletic.

  • Physically, I seem to be attracted to short and petite girls. I'm pretty tall so I think it's an opposites attract thing. Other than that I'm pretty open.

    Personality wise, I like girls who are a bit tomboyish, but know how to be feminine at the right times. I like a girl who enjoys the outdoors and appreciates sports to at least some degree. Confident but not overpowering. Good sense of humor and doesn't easily take offense. A good sex drive and an open mind, sexually. Respects and appreciates men and doesn't buy into the feminist victimhood thing so many women do today. I just can't stand that and won't date a feminist. I believe in equality and fairness for everyone, not just females. Feminists need not apply.


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