Is he into me? I need help?

During the summer break my brothers friend and I became close. We were both going through rough relationships in which both ended. For 2 weeks straight he'd come over everyday to see me and we'd watch a movie or just grab a coffee. When we hug he always pulls me closer and decides to hold the hug longer than whats considered normal, when he comes over to see my brother he always walks into my bedroom first to come say hi, and even if im sleeping he'll hug me, then shut my door and walk out... we also message each other everyday.
He used to always play with my hair ( we'd watch movies in bed ) and says how much he loves my hair and how soft it is.
One day we both fell asleep and I woke upto our heads being against each other when he was initally the other side of the bed... then my dad saw and got extremely angry.
But a time came where he started ignoring me and acting weird for no apparent reason. So I started doing the same. I eventually asked him why; and he said because he felt like i always ignored his messages so he gave up texting me... I was like okay...
but since then thing seem fine again... he always looks at me with sparkly eyes, and I love that...
He does talk to other girls, though... but he's always stating how he's not ready for a relationship or doesn't know what he wants when they ask to take things further...
But i've done the same with my guy friends too?

Do you think he likes me? and what should I do?

I really like him.


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  • Yes he likes you. Why hang out with someone you don't like? Naive?

    • Why won't he make a move then? or why the sudden ignoring? I just don't get it?

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    • Because I'm confused... I found that out later anyway. I saw him today, though. He invited myself and my brother to go grab a coffee. He then later on messaged me goodnight... I really think he likes me... I just don't know why he isn't doing anything about it? You're a guy... whats your take on it?

    • I already gave you my take. Of course he likes you.

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