Is it okay to say sorry for not being attractive enough to women by being black?

To the girls who aren't physically attracted to black guys can I say sorry? Do you think other guys who are a certain race that girls aren't physically attracted to should apologize too?


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  • what... plenty of girls find black guys attractive. apologizing to people who don't find you attractive is kind of pointless. that's like apologizing to left-handed desks for being a right-handed person. just find a person (or desk) that fits you.

    • Are you a white black supremacist?

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    • lol yeah, i know. well, just have more free time now, thought it would be nice to see what was happening on here.

    • Why did they down vote you? :(

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  • Please don't apologize to anyone for being you... ever.

    • Why?

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    • I'm Batman... duh

    • Yeah I thought so.

  • WTF.. don't say stupid stuff like this.. who said blacks aren't attractive?

    • Many people say that. Usually it doesn't bother me, but sometimes it does.

  • To be honest no. there shouldn't be a reason of why every race should be sorry because of their appearance

    • Why not? So many people don't like your race why shouldn't you be sorry for being that race?

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    • Yeah well that's what people will think.

    • well they are just stupid and not using their knowledge just plain simple stereotypes

What Guys Said 2

  • No need for apologize, just to stay away from women that don't won't them around.

    • Shouldn't people be sorry for being a certain race? I know you don't like black girls. Shouldn't they apologize for being black? If someone isn't attracted to white guys shouldn't you apologize to them?

    • You can be sorry for that but you can't change it anyway. If you stop harassing non-black woman and stick with your own kind, you wan't need to apologize so much any more.

    • Personally I don't harass anyone. "Non-black women" "harass" me. In fact most girls who have been attracted to me have been white. Most blacks aren't black anyway. We're mostly mixed, but that's besides the point. I've never apologized. It was sarcasm a bit and just a question.

      Maybe racists like you should apologize?

  • F*ck you and the horse you rode in on.

    • Heeey I remember you. We all know you don't interracial date.

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