Boyfriend trying to make me jeaulous. help?

I tell my boyfriend I love him and he just texts back "you too" not even the full thing.. Like he usually does. And I say "I miss you :(" And he just says "k" And nothing else. he's also just been really mean. So I decide to take a break from him he used to be really nice and now he's just putting me down and im sick of feeling like that so i just ignored him for a bit then he says "wow you dont even text me" He was at this place for his school so he said "eh whatever im just gonna go talk to this cool girl byeee" I love him and all but i just hate this. Should I just keep ignoring him until he apologizes? I know him and he's just going to try and make me jealous because im going to keep ignoring him and maybe ill forget about him... how do I not get jeaulous?


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  • Relationships at your age aren't meant to last forever. They aren't meant to last that long, even. This is when you learn how relationships work, and it kinda sounds like your boyfriend has lost interest in you but doesn't know how to break up with you. He might be treating you this way in hopes that you'll do the breaking up with him.

    I don't know that there's a way for you to continue to be in a relationship with someone who treats you like this and just supress your feelings... That's not right and it's not natural.

    Don't be afraid to move on. It might hurt for a short while, but this is part of your learning process as well. There will be plenty of great guys out there who will treat you awesome and make you feel like #1 and won't play mind games with you like this. I'm sure it's not easy... But don't ever settle for someone who purposly makes you feel bad. Someone who loves you and cares about you wouldn't do that to you. You deserve better.

    Good luck!


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  • i understand your situation cause i personally have gone through it. It could be over a fight, a misunderstanding that you both had or he is dumb cause he is hitting on another girl. In a relationship you have work things out no matter who's fault it is. By talking you guys get the answers that you need.


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  • He's just a cold fish. Well you should communicate with him in the best possibly open, calm, loving way that you don't deserve to be treated this way. After that, if he still acting like a cold fish. Walk away and start dating other guys!


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  • Keep yourself busy.. do anything that will take your mind off of him. Don't let thoughts about what he's doing control your life.


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