Met up with my ex boyfriend do his actions match up with what he was telling me?

So long story short it has been a few years since my ex and I dated. The other day we finally met up after not seeing eachother of three years (by seeing eachother i mean sitting down and having a convo). During this conversation we had we just talked about what had and or has gone on in our lives these past years. I noticed while he was talking he literally could'nt look me in the eyes while talking to me. Their was the occasional look my way every once in a while, but other than that not much. After we were done talking he said for me to text him once I got home safe so he would know I was okay and that we should hang out soon. I guess my real question is why would he not look at me while talking. I know that I dont like looking at people that much or making eye contact, but this seemed weird to me.


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  • Does he have a reason to be guilty from your past relationship? He obviously wants to try and get back with you, but there must be something on his mind. When some guys refuse to look someone in the eye, they are either guilty about something, hiding something, ashamed of something, or just really nervous. Since I don't know what happened in the past relationship, I would say that it is either he is guilty about something that happened between you that he wishes happened differently, or that he is nervous about talking to you again, because he is afraid you will reject him. I'm not exactly sure due to not knowing the circumstance, but I hope this helps.

    • A couple of months ago he said he still had feelings for me but I was with someone else at that time so I told him I that and he kinda just left. So maybe that's why. But the only reason I didn't return the feeling was because I wanted to give that other person a chance

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    • Alright. Thanks so much :)

    • You're very welcome. Good luck!

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