Stuck in a love triangle?

So I've like this guy, lets call him Z, for a few months now. His friend M, has been basically trying to play match maker. That I how our friendship started. Now about a month later, I'm finally making some progress with Z, only to be told that M is starting to get feelings for me. He said he wanted to stop playing matchmaker because of those feelings. This guy I also like the male version of me so I understand him perfectly. But he also doesn't want me to give up on Z because he has watched me come this far. But because he I so much like me I know exactly how he I feeling. If I had no feelings towards Z, I might consider him. I'm debating talking to Z about my feelings before I do anything rash but either way I'd feel bad because I'd either end up dating Z, like we always planned or I give it time and date M but he would feel like I was only dating him because Z said no. What do I do?


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  • Seems like you already know what to do.
    You have to tell Z about your feelings and act from there. If he likes you back then go for it. If you give up on Z now and just start going for M you may regret it in the future because the opportunity for "What could have been" is gone. If you feel like your hurt M, dont. He may be your friend but in situations like this YOUR happiness comes first.

    However if Z does not like you back, give yourself some time and if you truly like M then go for him. Show him you truly like him and aren't just dating him because Z rejected you. You will have to figure that out yourself.

    Best of luck!


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