Girls, Sexual attraction at first sight with a random guy?

Has it ever happened to you?


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  • My ex boyfriend. He got in a lift with me, the first time I ever saw/met him (we met at work) and it was like fireworks went off inside me. We dated for 8 months, biggest regret of my life. I'm going to ignore that feeling if I ever get it again.

    • Thankyou and sorry about that. Did you ask him out in the life or hint to him or did he ask you out? How did things progress from the lift?

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    • Probably. I've seen people flirt with people by touching them before

    • Do you think it's just a habit or they are attracted to the stranger?

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  • No, never has to me anyway.

    • Thankyou. How long does it take for you to feel a sexual attraction towards a random dude?

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    • Yeah tbh it's personality I'm more attracted to than looks.

    • cool !! Thankyou :)

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