Make me feel better about myself?

I am stuck.

- I live with an emotionally abusive mother, she was always mean to us and secretly wants us not to do well.

- I am 23 year old student, i made mistakes in the past therefore i stayed at home which i will never forgive myself for it. I thought money was more important then my diginity, my self respect, my pride, my peace of mind. I chose to save money, which allowed my mother to continue her stupid behavior.

- I need to get out asap, but i have no one to turn too so i am waiting for an appartment to rent, which is taking too long.

- I hate myself for living in her house way too long, 5years over due. I am pretty angry at myself for it.

- So naive of me and so stupid. I really hate myself for it, i missed out on life because of it. I hate myself for it, i REGRET it so much, i haven't slept in 3 months, insomnia, i dont know what to do. I hate her so much that i will spit on her grave, she ruined all her children lives.


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  • Although this may be mean but you could take refuge in the fact that your bitch of a mother is only getting older and older and a time will come when she will have to rely on you.


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