Do you feel intimidated by a partner who has cohabited with an ex before you?

I never saw my dating past as intimidating, I only sleep with girls I am dating exclusively (with one one night stand I regret) but I did date one girl for three years and lived together for a year. Some freinds, (mostly my female friends) said that is far more intimidating than most other aspects of someone's dating history.

How do you feel if you started dating someone and they had lived with someone else before, thought they were going to get married, and still maintains it was their first love? I don't believe in one love for us all or anything, and I don't think about this girl anymore at all. I would never lie or hide this from a future partner, but I saw it as strange that it would be a negative... I see it as having solid relationship experiance and knowing how to handle things better a second time around. Or just someone who is a commited relationship type like myself, versus very whimisical and dating all over the place. What do you think?


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  • No, I think only a very jealous person would be intimidated by that.

  • I see the advantage of him having solid relationship experience, and being the type to commit, but yes it's also a little intimidating. Mostly because I haven't been so involved with a guy that I'd live with him, haven't even been in love, so I'd feel like he's miles ahead of me in that aspect. And I'd wonder why it didn't work out, and how I can possibly compare to someone he was in love with and going to marry. I'd get over it though, it's just my own insecurity, not a problem with him.

    • Good response, thank you! I guess I me and most of the people I know are committed types, so I forget that 23 is still pretty young to have had a relationship on that level for many.

    • You're welcome. I was partly relating what I've experienced also, because I dated a 28 year old guy who had been married for 5 years in the past, and that was something I had to wrap my head around.

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