What is my brother's problem?

He is always been an asshole. He always been very mean to me. He resents me for no reason and when i try to contact him he is very short cut with his answers and he keeps trying to kill my bond with my younger sister on purpose, he wants her all to himself, when he knows i have no one else and my sister keeps believing him. And he also is very obsessed with our fathers side family and keeps talking about them like they are everything, he even loves his nieces more then his sisters, and he s father family has never been there for him and his father haven't either, he also keeps running after his father, where he lives, he lives. I am sick and tired of hima nd blocked him on app, and he nevr calle dme to ask why and after i unblocked him he blocked me and hasn't spoken to me since, he never calls me or ask me how i am doing and only talks to our sister, he is very childish and sometimes i feel alone cause i have no family, he keeps calling me naive, he has no diploma, he is 31 and no wife or kids, and in a huge debt, he lost his teeth and he lives like a hobo. I am sick of him and he keeps also downgrading me, making me sound weak on purpose, and he said to my sister ''oh i dont talk to her', he was also jealous of me going to vacation to our family in london and kept texting our nieces like crazy while i was there. whats his problem?


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  • Well his problem is that he probably has a mental disorder.


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