What she is thinking?

What she is thinking?

if a girl is a in long distance relationship with X and she tells a guy Y that she is constantly fighting with X and she hates the diatance and she can't cope with distance. she says that she didn't talk to X for a week and she doesn't like to talk to him. she says she wants to see her relationship come to a happy ending. when this girl asked do you think that X mean a lot to you that you wanna sacrifice all these years. she says i dont know.

when Y and this girl were was watching an Adverstisment and a girl was promoting product , girl asks Y Y do you find the girl pretty. Y answers she is pretty but not my type. girl says to Y whats your type then?
Y confessed to this gir that he likes her but she told Y that she is in relationship and she considers me as a friend but she still wanna hangout and she really enjoys the time we spend together. and she says she loves to hangout with Y. she always asks Y did you have fun in the hangout and she says I had fun too


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  • She wants to be single


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