Girls what do you think about, If you texting a guy till 4 am form a month but suddenly stop today?

First of all English is my second language... I have been talking to girl in whatapp form one month. she says that we are best fate friends. She usually message me gud morning text every day before I awake. In day time she talk very less cuz she says she's busy in work. she start texting me form 11 am and we talk till 4am and some time 4:30. we talk about all topics and playing games like "truth and dare" She share her family problems about her dad and conditions and told me that she never talk her personal things to other except besties. She is very shy in nature but still she send her selfies of lying postion while texting. But today she text very less excpet " Hi whatsup, are you alright " I begin my conversation form 11 am and she reply quickly but show no interest.

me - are you there?
she- yes

me- watching Tv?
she- M not watching TV

me-I said anything wrong?
she- nothing wrong I am fine

me- what's wrong
she- you are being different I was normal

me- Be straight forward... I am sure something wrong frm my side.
she- i was bsy browsing. I wsnt even chatting all dis tym so dint check

me- ok cu

she- I am sorry, U kno me too i dnt sleep early so i thot of saying hi

Now she start texting me after bad mood

I din't understand - Is she really like me or just passing time.. should I need to stop taking her to avoid attachment?


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  • If it's just one day where she's been in a bad mood, I would say relax, no need to think the worst quite yet.
    If she still acts this way after a week, then yes, she's probably grown tired of chatting with you, but give her some time.


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