How to meet hot guys that I can make my friends that I can eventually date?

How to meet hot guys that i can make my friends that I can eventually date?


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  • So wait... you want to meet hot guys, then friendzone them and then date them? I don't think that's how it works, dudette.

    • Well if I start off dating guys from the get go I have problems dealing with the pressure. . So everything goes bad. . Though i'll try something new since I dont feel the same amout of pressure when there is only friendship happening

    • Doing friendship first and relationship later is a bad tactic. Best you learn how to deal with this 'pressure' that you have.

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  • Just have a postive attiude like me!!!

    • And do what?

    • Be friendly and happy with yourself even if you have a rough surface!!! Guys like girls that are cheerful and full of life!! hahah

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